How to order services in Zyffy

How do i order service?

Simple 1- download Zyffy app 2- select service you want 3- follow the Zyffy wizard 4- select time and location If you order Zyffy Expres service , then Zyffy will show you price for service your ordering immediately , you can then select your payment method and make payment ad thats all - job will be done if you order regular sevice then 5- you will receive quatations from nearby service providers 6- select suitable offer and accept it 7- agree payment with servce provider 8- job will be done

What is Zyffy Express service?

Zyffy Express -is fastes easiest way to get things done. what is the difference between regular and express services - you get price for the job from Zyffy app immediately - you pay for job - you dont need to wait service provider offers and confirmations, job will be done as requested

Can i cancel ordered job?

Yes! If you cancel 24 hrs before start of the job is no penalty. If you cancel less than 24 hrs before jobs is scheduled , the cancellation fee is 10% from the total job amount.

How can i be sure service provider is qualified?

Zyffy will verify and check all service providers before they are allowed to receive any requests in Zyffy app.