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How to start your own business?

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

So you are maybe like many others, you have some skills, but you don't know how to turn them into money?

Sure you can look employment, but sometimes it’s not so easy, and surely you will have a better future building your own business- or being your own boss.

But starting something is not also easy, not easy at all. When you have employment you have every month your salary, you know what you will make, you can plan and budget.

However, being your own boss, is you who pay for yourself, and you can pay only if you make something, and if you don't make……. The bills still needed to pay, it can be a struggle.

So how to get into the market , be successful and be your own boss ( and later maybe the boss of your own company)?

First - choose carefully what you want to do! Do what you LOVE!

You have to like it - that's the only way to succeed- because sometimes it will be difficult, very difficult and if you don't love what you do you will give up.

Also, if you like something you will learn and read about it more and more - and you will become more professional - thus more successful.

Actually, if you do something for total 5000 hrs- you become a professional in this field ( 5000 hrs is a lot of time - average worker who works 8 hr workday- needs about 3+ years to reach 5000 hrs )

Second- draw a clear plan of what you want and when you want - OBJECTIVES!

You need to make very clear OBJECTIVES - targets, those objectives have to be time-bound and specific.

Meaning each objective has to be easily measurable and have a clear deadline - so you know if and when you have achieved your Objectives.

Thirdly - find out who is your customers and where they are

You need to know who are the people or businesses who will buy your services.

Are they old or young? Male or female? Which income class? Do they have kids? …


If your customer is business- what is the business they are doing, what size business- small- medium -large. Who is the decision-maker in the company.

Try to get as specific as you can.

As well you need to know

Do they live in the city or the countryside? House or Apartment? Etc

You need paint for yourself the profile of your ideal customer - and find where they are and what they do

And then - who are your COMPETITORS

Im sure you are not the only business who wants to sell this service.

So who are the others who sell the same service what you?

Why potential customers should buy a service from you? ( are you cheaper? Better quality? Faster? Unique? …)

Now if you have your business what you love, you have your objectives set and you know your client profile - your customer….

How to reach them?

Well- that's another nut to crack.

You can do marketing online, or in print media. You can also make a website and make it visible to search engines easy way ( Search Engine Optimization)

This all will cost you some money - and as you just starting - you will not have much money - if any money for marketing.

And even if you have money and spend it to marketing, yes you will be visible online - exactly the same as another 1000 or 5000 guys or gals like you who want to sell their service.

And you still can not be sure that you will get client requests…

Here Zyffy can help you -

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