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Where is the best place to hide a corpse?

City legends tell, that the best place is the third page of Google search because almost no-one searches there!

Well, this joke has bit of truth, if you start to think about it … think about your own Google search habits , before you reach to Google search third page - you rather change before the search word, but hardly pass 1st or second page on Google!

So - if you want to sell something you better be on the first page of Google, actually the best situation would be if you on Google search page among the first 3 results!

…. Unless of course, you selling some unique service or a product like - “handmade beetroot chips” - then all 3 people in the world will surely find you.

What if your business is carwash, or cleaning … or painting - then you might have much much more competition , actually crazy how much more !

If your marketing budget is the same size as the NASA budget, then, of course, is quite easy to be first on every search and have a super optimized website.

Yup - SEO is a cool tool and gives results - but all your competitors using the same and doing the same and that means that you are spending a marketing budget at “high speeds and in bulk” to support “poor Google”.

As I said before - if your marketing budget limit is sky-high- then go ahead!

BUT … there is also another option, Better, smarter, faster ...

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